More than 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa live off-grid and most still use dirty energy.

Connecting to the grid is slow and expensive. People are spending billions of dollars on dirty fuels like diesel and kerosene.

We believe that decentralized energy solutions can provide access to millions of energy poor and low-income people and build a low carbon economy.

Renewable energy solutions coupled with mobile payments allow households and companies to deploy products quickly and affordably to the millions who live and work off-grid.

We are catalyzing the off-grid energy sector by investing in the most promising and innovative companies across the ecosystem.

We invest in fast-growing companies leading the new energy revolution.

We put capital to work for good. Our goal is to solve some of the world’s biggest social and environmental challenges by supporting competitive, high-impact businesses.

The KawiSafi team is based in Nairobi, the heart of renewable energy development.

We find and support great entrepreneurs and the companies they build. KawiSafi deploys patient capital and collaborates to build talent, deepen markets and crowd in capital. We invest across the energy ecosystem to catalyze growth.

We are a purpose-driven team on a mission to ensure affordable, reliable and clean energy for all.

We are a team of dedicated, purpose-driven, and passionate investment professionals guided by the Fund's mission to ensure affordable, reliable, and clean energy for all. We have a diversity of expertise and experience and are committed to investing and scaling innovative, high-impact businesses across the energy ecosystem in Africa.

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Our Origin Story

KawiSafi Ventures (KSV) was created to unlock the potential of renewable off-grid energy as a faster, cheaper, and cleaner way to bring power to Africa’s energy poor communities than extending the grid. Its aim is to deliver clean, affordable energy to more than 10 million people in East Africa, at least half of whom are low-income, and displace more than a million tons of carbon, thus contributing to solving energy poverty while helping to avert long-term climate crisis.

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